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Take a moment to explore our news section below. We want to make sure you hear about all the important and exciting updates happening at LAMI PRIMARY SCHOOL, so check back often to stay in the know!



Today 3 March 2023 we inducted our school prefects and class captains from ECE to Year 8. We thank our parents and guardians for the support shown today. We also thank and appreciate the kind words delivered by our chief guest Rev. Sunia Vakamoce. And to our teachers for the daily guidance and supoprt towards our future leaders a BIG VINAKA VAKALEVU.

Click here to see our studen body for 2023.



The Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts (MEHA) has released confirmation of 2022 school year which now starts in April 11, 2022. Term 4 of 2021 school year will end in April 2022. 

School Terms for 2022:

Term 1: 11 April - 8 July

Term 2: 18 July - 6 October

Term 3: 17 October - 16 December 

Enrollment Dates for 2022 school year:

ECE & Year 1: 

Enrollment for ECE & Year 1 will start on 8 Feb 2022 & close on 18 Feb 2022. 

Please note that the school will not entertain late enrollments so we highly encourage parents to download the  enrollment forms on our website and bring it to school for processing. 

We also accept and recommend applications sent via email on Please scan all required documents as 1 PDF and email it to us. 

For the new 2022 school year, all booklist will be ready and available online from April 1 2022. Watch our admissions page for the release of 2022 school year booklist.

Source: School Administration

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Reaching a Deal

As far as technology goes in terms of teaching & learning, the school in partnership with Egrid Technologies Pte Ltd developed an official website for the school. The main aim is to officially introduce the school in the digital world at a professional organization level. Due to covid restrictions, the official launching was officiated by the school manager, head of school with the assistant head of school and development partners Egrid Technologies.

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Video Call

Evidence has shown that children have taken advantage of learning online during this Covid period. However it has also come to the attention of the Ministry of Education that children have been sharing inappropriate content via chat groups. We urge parents to take extra care and pay much attention to children while online as they can be venerable to cyber bulling as well.

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